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Choosing an online reservation system can be pretty overwhelming. To help you in your research, we have broken down the key differences between the most important features and functionalities for you.

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ResDiary vs. TheFork: Head-to-Head Comparison

Top Features ResDiary TheFork
No Fees/ Commission
24/7 Live Rep & Chat
Waitlist Management
In-Service PMS Integration
Automated Phone Booking
Event Management
Customisation Extensive Limited

ResDiary's Key Features


0% Commission

No commission for bookings from your website, social media, Google, and Dish Cult.

icon_Reduce noshows-1-1

Reduce no-shows

Maximise reservations and reduce no shows at peak times


Over 60+ Integrations

ResDiary integrates with a range of tools to help grow your business

ResDiary Overview

Founded in 2004 and trusted by over 9,000+ venues worldwide, ResDiary is an innovative and reliable restaurant reservation and table management platform that supports restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, hotels, pubs and clubs in meeting and exceeding the expectations of their guests.

Built for professionals within the hospitality industry that are looking to move beyond traditional booking and management systems, ResDiary takes booking and table management one step further to provide guests with a modern and positive experience.

ResDiary offers a wide range of features, including table management and optimisation, waitlist management, marketing and customisable booking tools, all of which will be covered later in more depth.


TheFork Overview

TheFork is a leader in online restaurant bookings in Europe and Australia. Cofounded by Bertrand Jelensperger in 2007, TheFork was later acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014, revolutionising the restaurant market by offering a new way to foster restaurant and diners relationships.

Not only does TheFork allow users to search for restaurants, view reviews and make online reservations, but they also provide restaurant managers with different tools and services, including a free customised page, personalised customer experience, credit card guarantee, digital floor plans and the yum loyalty program to help manage the restaurant.

What is important to restaurant
management teams?

The right platform can help you manage your restaurant tables, attract more customers, and increase your profits. Let's explore the difference between ResDiary and TheFork.

Marketing Tools

ResDiary users are provided with a free, built-in, email marketing solution, allowing you to easily manage your customer database, and SMSes and track results. This will optimise your restaurant's yield and reduce the need for external marketing support. The integration of ResDiary also provides you with access to Dish Cult, ResDiary's diner-facing booking platform for remarkable restaurant recommendations. 

Further, ResDiary's marketing tool provides you with access to over 30 detailed reports, whether it be booking, marketing or revenue reports.

TheFork’s Yum Loyalty Program is a program in which loyalty points can be accrued by users of TheFork's app or website when they make restaurant reservations through the platform. These points can be redeemed for discounts on reservations made with partner restaurants. By participating in The Fork's Yum Loyalty Program, restaurants can enjoy increased visibility by being featured in the Yums section of the app's homepage.

With TheFork Manager's restaurant CRM system, as a restaurant manager, you are able to keep all customer information and data in one centralised spot. This allows you to ultimately personalise their dining experience based on preferences tracked with TheFork's restaurant reservation system whilst also sharing customer profiles and history with waitstaff to provide a more tailored service, encouraging repeat visits and an increase in spending.


0% Commission On Booking

With ResDiary, you don't need to pay any booking commission from their apps or sites, allowing you to save on booking expenses. By integrating ResDiary with your restaurant's Facebook and Instagram pages, you can connect it to your Dish Cult listing, ResDiary's exclusive diner-facing platform, to simplify booking processes for both your restaurant as well as your customers.

Depending on the subscription plan, for all monthly plans, TheFork’s commission fees are approximately $3 per cover (at the time of publishing).

Online Waitlist and Event Management

With ResDiary's W8List, you can identify customers that are waiting for a table at your restaurant, filter the waiting list according to table size and alert customers when the table is ready. This feature guarantees that your restaurant's tables will never be double-booked, seating guests promptly to enhance overall customer service as well as ensuring that every walk-in customer takes advantage of the opportunity to be seated. This alleviates the issue of guessing and quoting inaccurate wait times.

ResDiary's event management feature provides users with one central system that handles all events, enquiries, bookings and pre-orders. This allows you to take, track and manage large-party bookings online, as well as forecasting expected spend, send automated confirmation emails and monitor enquiry status and filter different events, whether it be private or corporate, with ease.


ResDiary has over 60+ tech integrations, working with technologies and businesses not only to help you drive meaningful guest experiences but also to help run your venue more efficiently. Some key integrations include Stripe, Google, Oracle Hospitality, Bepoz and more.

View a full list of ResDiary's integrations here.

Some of TheFork's integrations include OrderMate, Google Maps, GuestRevu, and TripAdvisor.


Other Features

Free Customised Page:

As one of TheFork's partner restaurants, you will get a customised page with photos of your restaurant, menus, and reviews and receive visibility for free. As a restaurant manager or proprietor, you will have the ability to oversee and manage your restaurant's page, including aspects such as pricing, opening hours, and featured images.


ResDiary offers users a no-commission model, allowing restaurants and hospitality venues to take unlimited online bookings without paying commission fees. See below for the pricing plan comparison between ResDiary and TheFork:

Pricing Plans



Core Plan (ResDiary Core/ TheFork Lite)

$89 per month <150 reservations 

Free + commission fees for The Fork, TripAdvisor, Google Reserve 

Growth Plan (ResDiary Express 

$139 per month (151 to 500 reservations)

$69 per month + commission fees for TheFork, TripAdvisor, Go

Pro Plan (ResDiary Pro/ The Fork Pro+)

$189 per month (>500 reservations)

$169 per month + commission fees for Google Reserve

Multi-site (ResDiary custom)

Designed for group venues (Get a quote)



For all monthly plans for TheFork, commission fees are approximately $3 per cover (at the time of publishing).

Disclaimer: Please note that all information provided is accurate at the time of publishing. We do not hold any responsibility for any changes that may occur. It is recommended to verify the information before taking making your decision.

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Customer stories

Case study: from OpenTable to ResDiary. Better yield and booking control, more events, and reduced bills.

Case study: from OpenTable to ResDiary. Better yield and booking control, more events, and reduced bills.

Hear from Max Reilly, licensee of popular Sydney bar and restaurant, Stanleys, who realised significant benefits after changing their booking system from OpenTable to ResDiary.
Tanoshi Group sees 35% more peak covers, 2X event bookings, and 30% reduction in group no-shows.

Tanoshi Group sees 35% more peak covers, 2X event bookings, and 30% reduction in group no-shows.

Tanoshi Group sees 35% more peak covers, doubled their event bookings, and a 30% reduction in group no-shows.
Better and Easier: ResDiary + Idealpos Integration Improves Venue Ops

Better and Easier: ResDiary + Idealpos Integration Improves Venue Ops

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