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ResDiary teams up with Google to increase your reservations

Reserve with Google is one of the biggest advances the bookings industry.

It allows guests to book a table at your venue, directly from Google Search, or Google Maps, in just a few clicks. As a ResDiary customer, you can take advantage of it, completely commission-free.

Increased visibility for your venue

Have your venue seen by millions. Diners can easily find you, and see your availability, from a simple Google Search.

More bookings

Drive more bookings from your Google My Business listing, and track and control them with ResDiary’s Channel Management tools

Gain an edge over competitors

Make your business stand out among Search results with a book button.

It’s free!

No setup or additional costs, as always, commission free.

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Sound good? Here’s how to get started:

  • You’ll need a maps location that your Reserve with Google listing can match to. The easiest way to ensure you have one is to get yourself a Google my Business listing.
  • Once this is set up, you’ll get a “Find A Table” button within your listing showing your availability. (However, please note, it won’t take into account payments and promotions.)** 
  • Once a booking is made it will work the same way as a ResDiary booking and sync with your system. You’ll still have full control over each booking made, and access to all the guest information you need. All you have to do then, is watch the bookings roll in.

*Note: If you’re a restaurant within a hotel, you’ll need to claim the Google my Business listing for both the hotel and the restaurant.

**Only ‘Standard Availability’ in your venue will be displayed to customers. This excludes any availability you have which requires the selection of a promotion or payment/card details. Customers can’t choose an area like they can on some ResDiary widgets.