Feed your passion and effortlessly manage your café operations.
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Cafe Service

Why your café needs ResDiary

ResDiary provides café owners with the resources they need to keep on top of the staffing challenges and rising costs facing the sector.

We don't just make it easy for diners to find and reserve tables at your venue, we also help you generate additional profit and manage costs. 

Booking forecasts, improved staff rostering and improving your cafe's online exposure are just some of the ways ResDiary can improve your operations so you can focus on what matters most—food, coffee and wowing your diners.

We play by your rules

You don't need a high-end laptop or desktop computer to access ResDiary.

Access ResDiary on your smartphone and get notifications each time a booking is made. Stay in touch with your customers over email or SMS.

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What is in it for you?

  • Increase exposure by reaching more diners through Dish Cult and other channel partners
  • Accept real-time online bookings from your website, Facebook and Instagram accounts and Reserve with Google, all commission-free.
  • Easy to manage vacant tables, times and walk-in guests
  • Improve forecasting and management of your cafes inventory
  • Get an overview of your earnings through the number of bookings and guests
  • Manage bookings on the go

Download the full ResDiary overview

Learn why 9,000+ venues around the world choose ResDiary.

Find out how ResDiary, the smart and simple online booking system, can help your hospitality business grow.

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