No-Show Diners and How to Stop Them (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

No-Show Diners and How to Stop Them (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

Join us and a panel of experts as we show you how to tackle the problem of booking no-shows at your hospitality venue.

No-shows have been a consistent growing problem for bars, restaurants, and hotels -  our own data shows that they cost the average venue £1,325 in January and February of 2023 alone.  Does that sound familiar to you? They cost the hospitality sector billions of pounds each year, so if your venue is struggling to get a hold on no-show diners, you're definitely not alone. This video will hopefully be helpful to you in reducing the impact of no-shows in your business, with a few simple steps.

The good news is that many other venues, including the UK's top restaurants, are already taking action against no-shows. Plus, a recent ResDiary survey of over 600 diners found that there is a growing openness to deposits as a means to secure their table booking. 

So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and with the help of our panel of expert speakers in this video, you'll discover how you can get there.

Our host Gary Hall, is joined by:

  • John Rooney, a senior sales consultant with 7 years at ResDiary, the commission-free table booking system. He also comes from a hospitality background - like most ResDiary team members - and has operated in both restaurants and hotels in the past.

  • Stephen Phillips from Umami Consulting, which specialises in consulting support and advice that will boost growth in your hospitality business. He's worked with some of the UK's biggest restaurant brands over the past couple of decades.

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Key takeaways from this video

In the video Gary and our panel of experts discuss all things around no-shows, considering the challenges faced by hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some of the key questions they aim to answer are:

  1. How much does it help to have bookings ahead of a shift and what are the problems that booking no-shows can cause?

  2. How can software help too manage bookings and deposits most efficiently?

  3. How can effective communications help customers to honour their reservations, and what strategies can venues employ?

  4. How can booking data be utilised to help predict and mitigate no-shows?

  5. How do you incorporate new tech solutions and policies without harming the customer experience?

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