Do More with Your Booking Data (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

Join experts from ResDiary,  Access Acteol CRM, and Nadine Carmicheal from DRG to explore the true value of diner data for your business.

Have you unlocked the true power of your table booking data? There could be untapped opportunities to not just increase bookings, but squeeze more value from every reservation and create adoring regular diners.

Don't worry if you're uncertain about how to answer the question above, as you're not alone. 7 out of 10 operators question whether they're optimising the customer data they already source. Only a third of operators believe that they’re definitely or probably optimising data overall, while 43% of operators say the opposite - according to a recent survey by NRN Intelligence. That’s no coincidence, as the digital revolution and the rise of hospitality technology has driven a huge collection of data (some may even call it a gold rush). 

In this episode of our Beyond the Booking webinar series we explore the true value of diner data for your venue with Access Acteol and will help you discover how you can fully utilise it through highly-targeted campaigns and a greater experience for your diners.

Our host Gary Hall, is joined by:

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Key takeaways from this video

In the video Gary and our panel of experts discuss all things around no-shows, considering the challenges faced by hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some of the key questions they aim to answer are:

  1. What do we actually mean when we talk about table booking and restaurant data?

  2. What are the differences between simply gathering booking data (like email addresses and phone numbers) vs actionable data and insights (like booking trends)?

  3. What data points are most important for bars, hotels, and restaurants to maximise the value of their marketing and improve their customer experience?

  4. How can data help venues to reduce the impact of no-shows?

  5. How can your booking system, EPOS, and CRM work together to give you full visibility of your customers?

  6. How can you use data to better plan for big trading periods, like the festive season and Mothers' Day?

  7. How can you measure the performance of your campaigns?

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