Navigating a Hospitality Staffing Crisis (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

Learn how integrating  staff scheduling tools and reservation management software can help you overcome challenges, drive revenue and deliver a better customer experience.

A hospitality staffing crisis has been widely reported in the news as venues appear to be struggling either to attract, keep hold of the staff they want, or perhaps most likely, work best with the staff they have. It's a challenge that even the Houses of Parliament are struggling to contend with!

Believe it or not, your table booking system can be a crucial data point which can inform how  you manage your operations more efficiently, including staff scheduling, to help ensure you're optimising your wage spend and profitability from every service.

Technology can help to take away so much of the heavy lifting (and the heavy thinking) when it comes to planning for your staff. Don't forget that staffing can be one of the biggest cost to your businesses, so getting it right can't come down to guesswork. You'll need the tools and the data to make objective strategic decisions to ensure your business operations and health are optimised.

In this episode of our Beyond the Booking webinar series we explore how Access RotaReady and ResDiary  can work together to drive greater efficiency in how you manage your staff, to empower a great working environment, and greater profits for your business.

Our host Gary Hall, is joined by:

  • Jamie Harvey, Co-Founder of Rota Ready.  

  • Ross Beattie, ResDiary Senior Sales Consultant.

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Rota Ready Webinar Still

Key takeaways from this video

In the video Gary and our panel of experts discuss all things around managing your staff and your costs, considering the challenges faced by hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes. Some of the key questions they aim to answer are:

  1. How can bars, hotels, and restaurants leverage technology to streamline the hiring process and attract talent in the middle of a staffing crisis?

  2. What are the key tools available to hospitality venue operators and business owners to help optimise staff rotas and streamline labour costs?

  3. How can table booking platforms be better utilised to further improve efficiencies in managing customer flow, table turnover, and importantly, staff routines?

  4. How can venues best prepare for important trading periods, like the festive season?

  5. What are the most important KPIs to look for when managing staff allocation?

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