The ‘what a great gift!' option your patrons will love

Enable your guests to gift the dining experience they love to their loved ones.

Gift Vouchers

Attract new diners to your venue by introducing pre-paid gift vouchers.

With ResDiary, it’s easy to create, promote, sell, redeem, and report on vouchers. Showcase the best your venue has to offer – add text, images, menus, links to your website and social media, and sell vouchers directly from your website, Dish Cult, or social media. You can also offer to deliver physical gift cards (with an optional fee to the buyer for shipment). ResDiary’s vouchers are sold via Stripe, and all proceeds go directly to your account.

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Dish Cult Rewards

Get more diners more often

 Dish Cult Rewards is a point-basedloyalty programme that is integrated into ResDiary., Dish Cult Rewards incentivises diners to use Dish Cult to discover, book and dine at participating restaurants, rewarding them for their repeat purchase behaviour and driving additional revenue to hospitality venues.