An Enhanced Customer Experience (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

An Enhanced Customer Experience (Beyond the Booking Webinars)

Join experts from ResDiary and Access EPoS to explore how you can enhance your customer journey by integrating these two powerful systems in your business.

Every day we all rely on a variety of systems, software, and technology to run our  hospitality businesses. The key to success lies in seamless data sharing and automated processes, rather than manual ones, especially when it comes to creating memorable experiences for your customers.

New Technology and the adoption of it exploded during the pandemic, particularly for  the hospitality industry, but now four years later, we are wondering how effective all those systems are. Are they seamlessly  gathering and sharing data  back and forth? Are they helping you get to know your customers better, improve service, carry out reporting, and create a memorable experience that will go on to encourage loyalty or repeat bookings? ResDiary's Beyond the Booking report 2024  found that offering a great experience is vital - with 62%  of diners surveyed stating that they would chose a restaurant based on the experience they would receive. So creating that experience, and having the right tech to help, is more important than ever.

In this episode of our Beyond the Booking webinar series we explore how you can deliver that customer experience with ResDiary and Access EPoS. We look at the whole journey your customer goes on, from booking, to in-service, and post visit  and uncover how the learnings from your systems can help you deliver when it matters most.

Our host, Gary Hall, is joined by:

  • Thomas Knibb, Account manager for Access Hospitality and an expert on integrated tech systems, such as EPoS, and the benefits they can generate. 

  • Harry Fox, Senior Sales Consultant, for ResDiary, the commission-free restaurant booking system.

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Enhance your customer journey with ResDiary and Access EPoS.

Key takeaways from this video

In the video Gary and our panel of experts discuss all things around the customer experience, from pre-booking and in-service, to post visit and repeat bookings. Some of the key questions they aim to answer are:

  1. What are the key components any tech stack needs to create a customer experience?
  2. Why are integrated systems so crucial for today's hospitality businesses?
  3. How do both systems work together in service  to create a seamless end-to-end customer journey?
  4. What are the other benefits of having these systems connected – other than just service?
  5. How do you overcome some of the common challenges hospitality businesses face when integrating their systems?
  6. What are some emerging customer experience tech trends to watch out for?

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