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ResDiary doesn’t just create seamless booking experiences for diners, its smart tools make booking and table management more simple.

Take control of your table management and operations

  • Smart rules Smart rules

    Smart rules

  • Deposits Deposits


  • Data Analytics Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

  • Integrations Integrations


Smart rules

You set the rules, ResDiary does the rest.

We know running a busy service can be stressful. With ResDiary, you can control the flow of bookings automatically with just a few clicks - say, for certain times and group sizes.

The best bit is that once you’ve set your rules, ResDiary will work its magic in applying them, saving you valuable time and headspace.

  • Table management
  • Automate booking management
  • Easily add walk-ins
  • W8List for standby reservations

Deposits & payments

Reduce no-shows and save precious revenue.

With ResDiary, deposits can slip seamlessly into the online booking process, allowing you to securely store credit card details, apply no-show charges, accept a deposit, or take full payment up-front. We process all transactions via Stripe, which is fully PCI compliant and with the flexibility to cater for your needs.

  • Choose when deposits apply
  • Manage deposits and pre-payments
  • Payments managed by Stripe (PCI compliant)
  • Send automated booking reminders

Key data analytics

Smarter strategies are driven by data.

Have you ever considered the true value of your restaurant booking data? ResDiary’s comprehensive analytics suite gives you full visibility of booking trends in your restaurant.

You're empowered to make data-based decisions on your strategy, as well as more efficient plans for running a smooth service, especially where staff and stock are concerned.

  • Analytics suite for booking data
  • Share data between integrated systems
  • Control stock and staff costs more efficiently

Integrated systems

Connect your most important systems.

There can often be overlap in the roles that different hospitality systems serve, so it makes sense to combine your major systems, like EPoS and CRM systems, when you can.

ResDiary’s is filled with 60+ integration options to help you enrich your operations by connecting the dots in your key data and functions, to give you better control overall of your business.

  • 60+ integrated systems for hospitality venues
  • Share key data between systems
  • Streamline everyday tasks

Create a great experience and streamline every service

By bringing your bookings and table management into one simple platform, ResDiary frees your staff from unnecessary and inefficient admin and stress. This allows them to focus on what they do best, delivering a great experience to your customers.

Operators can also enjoy greater visibility of their venue and achieve greater profitability thanks to automation and advanced analytics.

Let ResDiary help your business grow!

Your most essential systems working together

ResDiary is partnered with more than 60 hospitality systems to share vital data and streamline your operations
Acteol CRM makes marketing easy for hospitality businesses with smart segmentation, targeted messaging and automated cross-channel campaigns that bring more guests back to your venue more often. 
Rezlynx PMS automates routine tasks and provides your team with the tools and insights required to deliver a more authentic, more personal service to your guests.
Access EPoS solutions give hospitality operators the technology to drive efficiency and run a more profitable business, as well as provide exceptional guest experiences from one trusted source.

Scalable solutions for hospitality venues

ResDiary’s smart tools are designed to help your business run more smoothly and squeeze more value from every booking.

Many of our customers have been able to adapt to new challenges and handle exponential growth with our help. Just like The DRG, a restaurant group that grew its portfolio across 15 years with ResDiary. 

Cafe Andaluz - The DRG
ResDiary Global Service Overview Sneak Peak

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Find out how ResDiary, the smart and simple online booking system, can help your hospitality business grow.

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Got a question about ResDiary?

Read through the frequently asked questions below or get in touch.

What is ResDiary?

ResDiary is a hospitality venue reservation and table management software system. Built for hospitality operators by hospitality experts, ResDiary powers over 9000+ hospitality venues across the globe.

We’re built for growing hospitality businesses, so if you are a fine dining restaurant, a bar or cafe, a club or hotel, ResDiary has the tools you need to streamline your venue’s operations. 

Whether you are looking to accept online bookings, become more profitable with turning tables, managing events effortlessly, running promotional campaigns, automate your phone booking, offer vouchers or accept payments online, ResDiary can take care of it all. 

ResDiary offers commission-free bookings. That right! Regardless of where the booking is made, via your website, social media channels, Reserve with Google, or Dish Cult, you won’t pay a commission-fee.

What integrations does ResDiary offer?

ResDiary partners with hundreds of global technologies businesses to help your venue run more efficiently.

If you are looking to integrate your POS, marketing communications, PMS or with complimentary booking partners, we can support your venue's needs.

Check out our existing integrations here.

Looking for something a bit more bespoke?

What is Dish Cult?

Dish Cult is a diner discovery and booking platform, powered by ResDiary. By joining ResDiary every venue will receive their complimentary Dish Cult listing to increase your venues exposure. Showcase the best your venue has to offer by adding text, images, menus, link to your website and social media, and sell gift vouchers directly from your page on Dish Cult.

Reservations made via your Dish Cult listing are automatically synced with ResDiary – you can view all bookings and cancellations in your diary in-real time.

With local editorial teams, Dish Cult is constantly looking for new restaurants, menu items and experiences to share with our diners, so they are plenty of opportunities to be featured in our content.

What is the difference between ResDiary’s plans?

ResDiary offers a range of plans to suit the needs of every venue. ResDiary Express, Pro, Connect and Ultimate offer the same core features as the full ResDiary, with the only difference being the number of bookings per plan.

ResDiary Lite has been designed to support key features required to support your reservation requirements, whereas the full ResDiary does offer greater flexibility to your venue/s needs. The full ResDiary offers:

  • Ability to set up promotions
  • Allows you to take payments
  • Integrates with Pre-orders, SMS, and Events
  • Yield management control (number of bookings/covers per time interval).


How is ResDiary different from other reservation and table management systems?

Built for hospitality operators by hospitality experts, ResDiary puts you in control of your venue with a forward-thinking enabler that helps your venue unlock its full potential to be in full swing, while cultivating great customer connections.

ResDiary does not charge a commission on your booking, regardless of where the booking is made - your website, social media channels, Reserve with Google, or via Dish Cult, you won’t pay a commission-fee on any of your bookings.

Who owns my customer's data?

The short answer is it’s you, the venue who is the controller of the data. 

ResDiary is the processor who will carry out processing under instructions of the controller for the purpose of sharing with the venue and analysis. At times, ResDiary may anonymise data to explore booking trends and user behaviour in order to inform product enhancements and communications. This allows us to stay on top of our ever-changing industry and provide you with a solution to fit your venue’s growing needs.

We do recommend you read our Clause 14 in our Terms of Service for further details.

Does ResDiary offer customer support?

Absolutely we do!  Our customers receive dedicated local support from dedicated hospitality tech professionals who are  on hand to support your venues needs.

To connect with your local support team check out our Customer Hub

Is ResDiary available around the world?

Yes, ResDiary operates across 60 countries around the world. With regional teams located in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and North America.

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