Staff Shortages? A Reservation Management System Will Help

Staff Shortages? A Reservation Management System Will Help

The hospitality industry is under immense pressure at the moment. 

Venues are experiencing staff shortage or staff calling in sick, and sometimes even needing to shut their doors for a few days. 

Reservation management system and booking software ResDiary can provide some assistance, and ease some of the strain that’s being faced by restaurant management. Here are features that might be of use when faced with these challenges:

Viewing scheduled bookings and applying close-outs

ResDiary’s grid and running order list views provide information of your future bookings at a glance. You’ll be able to determine whether you would need to apply close-outs to automatically prevent new bookings from coming in. This can be applied to whole days, or before and after service time.

Communicating with diners

Venues can utilise in-built email and SMS marketing tools, to explain to customers why the venue is closing for a brief period of time and notify them about a cancellation.

ResDiary can segment your future bookings so you’re able to communicate with customers about the change. The bulk messaging will save precious time and energy rather than having to make contact individually. 

Being honest with patrons about how difficult the landscape is right now may engender support for staff and the venue, and hopefully lead to return or future visits. 

Simplify roles and responsibilities

There are tools that may help to alleviate certain responsibilities faced by staff. For instance, ResPhone is an automated telephone service that enables patrons to make bookings without talking to somebody on the other end. This AI can free staff from handling phone-bookings, and enable them to focus their attention on other tasks.

Contactless pre-orders and payments might assist staff in organising and preparing for service, as they know what is being ordered ahead of time.  

Modifying and/or reducing items on the menu might also help staff focus  on dishes they are capable of producing quickly and efficiently, and cope with the quantity of orders coming through. 

Using Yield Management

ResDiary’s Yield Management enables venues to set and control the numbers of covers and bookings that are taken per time slot or corresponding staff shift. For instance, the venue can allow 10 bookings – with a maximum length of 60 minutes per booking – every two hours. This works seamlessly in conjunction with close-outs.

If there’s an expectation that the venue will be short-staffed, these strategies might help the venue work within their capabilities, and reduce the risk of being overwhelmed.

Get in touch with our team for assistance on your diary, or request a demo on how ResDiary can streamline your operations in times when you may experience staff shortages. 

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Disclaimer: This guide is general in nature and does not take into account your individual circumstances. Before acting on any information, you should consider whether this is right for your business.