Why ResDiary is the Top OpenTable Alternative

Why ResDiary is the Top OpenTable Alternative

In a competitive industry, every business decision you make matters. OpenTable might be a  prominent tool for generating online reservations, but it’s not the only one available. There are numerous alternatives to choose from, each with their own unique features and functionalities. 

Read on for our round-up of the top five OpenTable alternatives in countries within the Asia–Pacific (APAC) region, including Australia and New Zealand. By assessing different booking system providers, you can choose the best option for your business.

What is OpenTable?

OpenTable is an online reservation system that allows diners to book tables at restaurants through its website and mobile app. 

Like many full-service booking systems, it includes key features like table and reservation management, POS integrations, guest profiling, real-time reporting, performance insights and customer rewards programs.

While OpenTable is a popular option, many restaurants may find its competitors offer packages and features that better serve their business.


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The top 5 OpenTable alternatives:

While OpenTable is a  go-to restaurant management solution for many hospitality venues, it’s not the only option. ResDiary, SevenRooms, Now Book It, Eat App and Obee are all alternatives that have their own benefits. Read on as we explore their features and functionalities of each of these choices.

1. ResDiary

ResDiary is a zero-commission, flat-fee online restaurant reservation system helping hospitality venues maximise their bookings and run seamless services. Its key features include: 

  • No fees or commission: With ResDiary, you don't need to pay any booking commission on reservations, allowing you to save on booking expenses. Instead, you pay a fixed monthly fee that allows you to forecast with no surprises.

  • Automated phone bookings: Unlike other restaurant reservation systems, ResDiary has an automated phone feature, ResPhone, that fetches availability directly from your account and automatically reserves tables. This means you don’t need to take time out from your busy services to take bookings manually by phone. You can opt into this feature or leave it off your plan, depending on your venue's needs.

  • Event management software: To maximise events held at your venue, ResDiary offers event enquiry management, branded communications, prepayment functionality and many more features. This allows for personalised booking forms per event, shift management and custom menus. These features can make a big difference for hospitality business owners.

  • Integrations: ResDiary has a whole host of integrations to make life in your business easier. From EPOS to marketing, it has the tools you need for a holistic approach to restaurant management.

2. SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and operations software solution that makes it easier for restaurants to personalise services. Some of its standout features include:

  • No cover fees or commission: Like ResDiary and unlike OpenTable, SevenRooms doesn't charge commission for bookings. It also allows for integrations with Google and social media channels so that you can get those revenue-driving reservations under your belt.
  • CRM system and POS integration: SevenRooms offers integration of your CRM and POS systems, allowing you to get your order history, and itemised and total spend from multiple locations in one place, making it a great OpenTable alternative.
  • Table management solutions: SevenRooms’ solutions include AI-powered auto-seating algorithms to maximise your floor plan, and an automated guest database to enrich the guest experience and drive customer loyalty. This is a level of guest management to rival OpenTable's.
  • Marketing automation software: SevenRooms’ marketing features include email marketing automation and a reputation management dashboard to help stay on top of online reviews.
  • Online reservations & waitlist management: SevenRooms’ front-of-house tools help you manage reservations, seating and waitlists while welcoming and recognising guests with ease. This also allows you to easily manage inventory ahead of peak and off peak periods.

3. Now Book It

Now Book It is another online reservation platform designed specifically for hospitality venues in Australia and New Zealand.  It offers some similar features to ResDiary and SevenRooms, including:

  • No per-booking fees: Now Book It operates on a flat monthly fee structure, presenting a cost-effective OpenTable alternative. The platform also allows hospitality operators to take reservations 24/7 through their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business listings.
  • Table management: Now Book It offers efficient table management and reservation handling to help you decrease no shows and minimise revenue loss.
  • Customer relationship management: Similarly to SevenRooms, Now Book It creates guest profiles so that you can collate data on average spends, preferences, visit frequency and dietaries to help you personalise the diner experience.
  • Marketing tools: With segmentation capabilities, you can customise your marketing campaigns to drive return visits, promote events, and increase gift card sales.

4. Eat App

Eat App is a comprehensive restaurant management software offering solutions for the hospitality industry. Some important features include:

  • Table management: To help you avoid overflow, kitchen issues or overbooking, Eat App has multiple tools and floor options to help you manage your restaurant effectively. These include volume capping and pacing tools to help you fill your tables efficiently.

  • 3-second syncing: So that you can stay on top of reservations, guests and notes across locations, Eat App syncs across your devices every three seconds. 

  • In-app notifications: Get suggestions to help you optimise seating in real-time and bring in more customers.

  • Phone integration: Eat App displays all your guest data before you answer calls so you have all the info at the ready. Unlike ResDiary however, it doesn’t offer automated bookings via phone. 

5. Obee

Obee is an Australian-based restaurant booking system designed for the hospitality industry. You can try Obee free for 30 days to get a feel. This software offers functionality like:

  • Customisable table & reservation management displays: See your venue the way it suits you with a wide range of visualisation options.

  • Waitlist management: Obee’s waitlist management enables you to send walk-in guests a text to alert them when their table is ready.  Guests can also add themselves to your waitlist online to minimise revenue loss.

  • Marketing integrations: Obee can help grow your email and SMS lists through integrations with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and MyGuestlist. They’ve also partnered with Broadsheet to enable you to make your Broadsheet listing bookable from their site. 

  • Payment integration: Partnering with Pin Payments, Obee offers secure credit card and payment processing for reservations and no-show fees. This helps to decrease no-shows, putting more money in your pocket.

Why make the switch from OpenTable to ResDiary?

Ultimately, the choice of online reservation system is yours to make. But with restaurant owners in hospitality businesses making the switch to ResDiary and seeing significant benefits, it’s worth seriously considering. 

Max Reilly, licensee of Stanleys, a popular Sydney bar and restaurant, attests to this. He saw uplifts in his function enquiries, reductions to operational costs, increased revenue and overall better service when he switched over to ResDiary. 

Max found several ResDiary features offered his business a leg up when he made the switch. These include:

  • The ability to customise booking forms to meet his brand style guidelines.
  • Event management features driving new events and functions bookings.
  • The ability to track and manage those additional events.

 Find out for yourself how ResDiary can boost your restaurant. Book a demo today to get your venue operating in full swing.