Top 10 Restaurant Reservation Systems | ResDiary

Top 10 Restaurant Reservation Systems | ResDiary

A recent analysis of restaurant booking trends showed diners favouring convenience. From social media reservations to a website booking widget, customers expect to be able to make online reservations at any time.

A restaurant reservation system should go beyond convenience, it should add to the customer's experience with a brand. With a seamless reservation system, diners can have full accessibility, make their preferences known and expect real-time availability or waitlists.

Additionally, streamlining the reservation process is a substantial benefit for hospitality staff members. Online reservations can effortlessly integrate with table management, allowing for day-to-day operations to run smoothly and reduce the responsibility for staff. Freeing up time for staff members presents an opportunity to focus more time on customer service and enhancing the dining experience.

Considerations for choosing a restaurant reservation system

Investing in technology for a restaurant is a major decision that needs to align with a brand's goals and everyday procedures. Overall, a system should enhance regular tasks and reduce the stress on staff resources. Considerations should include:

  • Price - The costs involved should be measured against the profit forecast to ensure the investment will be covered.
  • Hidden fees and commission - Some reservation management systems include hidden fees or commission % per booking so always check the fine print.
  • Customer service - As with any system, it is inevitable that you will need some troubleshooting or additional customer service advice. Research their customer service hours and means of communication.
  • Integrations - Maximising your reach for reservations takes integration with many platforms, so ensure all of your marketing channels can be accommodated. Also, check your POS system and inventory platform can cooperate with the reservation system.
  • Personalisation - Marketing your brand message and tone of voice is important, especially during the reservation stage. Check the reservation system can handle personalisation and is easy to make changes.
  • User-friendly - Consider both your staff members and diners when reviewing the software capabilities.
  • Reviews - Read first-hand insights on customer experiences and how a company responds to customer feedback.

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Best 10 leading restaurant reservation systems

  1. Yelp
  2. ResDiary
  3. OpenTable
  4. Toast
  5. Eat App
  6. Now Book It
  7. SevenRooms
  8. Quandoo
  9. The Fork
  10. Obee

1. Yelp

Yelp Guest Manager Suite enables restaurants to take direct reservations right from the Yelp business page or your restaurant website. With a wide dining audience, the Yelp reservation system gives business owners access to a broad marketing platform.

Features of Yelp Guest Manager Suite

Basic Plan:

  1. Booking widgets on Yelp, Google and websites
  2. Guest management tools
  3. Table management system
  4. Personalised text messages with customers
  5. Data reports for diner insights
  6. Waitlist management
  7. Mobile App

Plus Package extras:

  1. Guest management tools
  2. POS Integration
  3. Customisable floor plan
  4. Reservation deposits to reduce no-shows

Add ons:

  1. Marketing tools

Yelp reservation software Prices

Between $99 and $299 USD monthly subscription. No setup fees.


No commission on bookings. The basic plan has a maximum limit of 500 reservations a month. The plus package allows unlimited bookings.

Customer Support with Yelp reservation system

All packages have access to full set-up and support monthly. The team is based in the US and accessible worldwide via email or phone.

Cons of Yelp

  1. The floor plan is only customisable in the plus package, making it difficult for restaurant owners on the basic plan to accurately assess their table management.
  2. High costs involved to access all features and add-ons.
  3. Customers have reported that it is difficult to remove false reviews left on Yelp.
  4. Limited to 500 reservations only on. the basic plan.

2. ResDiary

A restaurant reservation system designed to support growth in the hospitality sector. ResDiary focuses on empowering venues, from small cafes and bars to large multi-site restaurants. With regular data insights, eBooks and guides, ResDiary cares beyond just taking reservations.


  1. Integrated online booking widget for websites, Google, Meta Social media and more
  2. Table management
  3. W8list app
  4. Yield management
  5. ResPhone automated phone bookings
  6. Group reservation system
  7. Guest preferences
  8. Event handling
  9. Marketing tools including email, SMS and promotions
  10. Accept contactless payments online
  11. Pre-ordering
  12. Takeaway and delivery functions
  13. Sell gift cards
  14. 60+ tech integrations including POS systems and inventory management
  15. Full customisation
  16. Detailed reports and analysis


Core plan: $89 per month, 150 reservations

Growth plan: $139 per month, 500 reservations

Pro plan: $189 per month, >500 bookings

Multi-site custom plan available


0% commission on all bookings

Customer Support

24/7 live chat, personalised training and hospitality helpful blog.

Gain insights into ResDiary by downloading our comprehensive service overview. 

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3. OpenTable

OpenTable is a restaurant reservation platform that empowers restaurants to streamline their reservation process, allowing customers to book tables directly through their restaurant's website and partner platforms. With a vast and diverse diner network, OpenTable provides restaurateurs with a robust marketing platform, expanding their reach to potential patrons.

Features of OpenTable

  1. Restaurant reservations through OpenTable, Meta, Google, and websites
  2. Digital marketing solutions
  3. Online ordering for restaurants
  4. Experiences: OpenTable offers a feature called "Experiences" that allows restaurants to offer unique dining experiences to their guests
  5. Guest loyalty rewards
  6. Availability alerts for customers
  7. Direct messaging
  8. Diners can invite guests to bookings
  9. POS Integration
  10. Inventory system
  11. Waitlist management
  12. Guest surveys
  13. Customer management

OpenTable Prices

OpenTable prices start from $39 per month for the basic plan up to $449 per month for the pro plan. The monthly subscription is not an all-inclusive price, there are additional fees on top.

Commission taken by OpenTable

Basic Plan: Network fee: $1.50 per cover, Booking widget: $0.25 per cover or $49 flat fee, Takeout and experiences: 2% fee.

Core Plan: Network fee: $1 per cover, Takeout and experiences: 2% fee.

Pro Plan: Booking widget: $0.25 per cover or $49 flat fee, Takeout and experiences: 2% fee.

Customer Support

Restaurant owners can receive support 24/7 via a live chat.

Cons of OpenTable

  1. Additional cover fees can quickly add up, making the monthly subscription expensive
  2. No automated call system for phone reservations
  3. Pro plan comes with a high cost plus commission fees


4. Toast Table

Toast Table is a high-tech platform for restaurants providing many services such as POS, table management and reservation handling.

Features of Toast Table

  1. Booking widget through website or social media
  2. Toast POS Integration (additional product)
  3. Kitchen display (additional product)
  4. Online ordering and delivery management
  5. Marketing tools
  6. Guest loyalty rewards
  7. Gift Cards
  8. Waitlist management
  9. Customer management
  10. Server Rosters, payroll staff management system

Toast Table Prices

Quick Start Bundle: $0/month.

Core: $69/month.

Growth: $165/month.

Build Your Own: Custom pricing.

Commission taken by Toast

No commissions or cover fees

Customer Support

Restaurant owners can receive support 24/7 via a live chat.

Cons of Toast Table

  1. Cannot integrate with other POS systems, restaurants must sign up to Toast
  2. Toast has expensive software add-ons
  3. Many features not available for the quick start bundle


5. Eat App

Eat App is a cloud-based reservation management system designed to help restaurants manage their guests, bookings, payments, orders, and more on a unified portal.

Features of Eat App

Basic Plan

  1. Table management
  2. Online bookings through website, social media and Eat App partners
  3. Waitlist Management
  4. Reservation messaging
  5. Daily reports

Features extra per month or available with Pro

  1. Full-feature guest database
  2. Personalised guest profiles
  3. Customisable widgets and messages
  4. No-show prevention tools with deposits and pre-payments
  5. Email marketing suite
  6. Marketing automation
  7. Smart and personalised reports for data-driven decisions

Eat App Prices

Free basic account: 30 reservations per month.

Starter: $49 per month, 300 reservations a month.

Essential: $129 per month, unlimited reservations.

Pro premium plan: $229 per month, unlimited reservations.

Commission for Eat App

No commission fees.

Customer Support

In-app customer support 24/7.

Cons of Eat App

  • The majority of features are not included in the basic and standard plans.
  • Additional costs for features may not be cost-effective.
  • The free plan only allows 30 reservations.

6. Now Book It

Now Book It is a powerful restaurant reservation system serving over 6,000 restaurants in Australia and New Zealand.

Features of Now Book It

Full Plan

  1. Direct booking widget
  2. Google Integration
  3. Table and capacity management
  4. Data reports
  5. Digital gift vouchers
  6. POS integration
  7. Waitlist
  8. Deposits
  9. SMS Confirmation messages
  10. Event marketing
  11. Upsells
  12. Marketing functions

Now Book It Prices

Flat fee per month

Commission for Now Book It

No commission fees.

Customer Support

Phone customer support 9 am-5 pm.

Cons of Now Book It

  • No online chat or 24-hour support
  • No automated calls
  • No iPad app

7. SevenRooms

SevenRooms is a restaurant guest experience and retention platform that helps hospitality operators create exceptional experiences that boost profitability and repeat business.

Features of SevenRooms

  1. Table management
  2. Online reservations with integrated booking widgets on websites, Google, social media and more
  3. Waitlist management
  4. Guest profiles
  5. Automated guest feedback
  6. Marketing tools
  7. Concierge services
  8. POS Integration
  9. Personalised guest tags
  10. Mobile order and pay
  11. Online ordering and delivery
  12. Review analysis

SevenRooms Prices

Custom pricing tailored to every business

Commission for SevenRooms

No commission fees

Customer Support

SevenRooms offers customer support through its onboarding team and in-app customer support

Cons of SevenRooms

  • Limited marketing and promotion in some regions
  • Not transparent with costs
  • Custom pricing may be expensive for some restaurants

8. Quandoo

Quandoo is a global restaurant reservation management system that helps restaurants accept bookings and simplify their reservation processes.

Features of Quandoo

Online reservation management: Quandoo allows restaurants to efficiently manage their online reservations, reducing the chances of human error and improving the overall guest experience

  1. Direct booking widget
  2. Google Integration
  3. Table and capacity management
  4. Data reports
  5. Special offers
  6. Multi-role user management
  7. Special requests
  8. Real-time email notifications

Premium plan features

  1. Waitlist
  2. Interactive table plan
  3. Guest database and personalised tags
  4. Deposit and cancellation fees

Prices of Quandoo:

Pro: $39 per month, $99 set up fee.

Premium: $99 per month, $99 set up fee.

Commission for Quandoo:

$3.50 cover fee per reservation made in Quandoo.

Customer Support for Quandoo:

24/7 live chat

Cons of Quandoo:

  • High commission fee
  • Set up cost
  • No CRM for Pro plan

9. TheFork

TheFork is an online restaurant reservation platform that connects diners with restaurants in various countries.

Features of TheFork

Free Plan

  1. Online reservation management
  2. Booking widget in TheFork and Tripadvisor
  3. Table management
  4. Guest management including special requests
  5. Loyalty program
  6. Data Reports

Pro Additions:

  1. Waitlist
  2. Website and social media booking widget
  3. Credit card deposit to reduce no-shows
  4. Customised floor plan
  5. POS system integration
  6. Dedicated account manager
  7. System onboarding

Pro+ Additions:

  1. Email marketing

Prices of The Fork:

Free Lite Plan: $0

Pro Plan: Free for the first 3 months the $69 per month

Pro+: $169 per month, no commission

Commission for The Fork:

The free and pro plans both take commissions per reservation.

Customer Support for The Fork:

Available via email for the free plan. Dedicated account manager for the pro plans.

Cons of The Fork:

  • Not transparent with commissions
  • No 24/7 customer support

10. Obee App

Obee App is an easy-to-use restaurant reservation system with upgrades to customise for your brand.


Standard plan

  1. Online reservation management
  2. Table management
  3. Reservation deposit
  4. Waitlist management
  5. Live floorplan
  6. Guestbook handling
  7. Marketing integrations
  8. Multiple roles and users
  9. Data Reports

Branded plan additions

  1. Branded booking widget
  2. Branded vouchers
  3. Branded event pages
  4. Branded emails
  5. Customisable fields

Plus package

  1. PDF ticketing
  2. Custom reports
  3. Analytics dashboard
  4. On-site training
  5. API access


Standard plan: $99 per month

Branded plan: $199 per month

Plus: $599 per month

30-day free trial


0.8% fee on all transactions taken in the Obee app

Customer Support

Customer support is available 9 am-5 pm Australian time.


  1. High costs for branded and plus plans
  2. The fee per transaction could add up
  3. Customer support is not hospitality-friendly for restaurants needing assistance after-hours

The Final Course on Restaurant Reservation Systems

In the world of convenience, a restaurant reservation system is an indispensable tool and paramount to maximising reach. When choosing software for table reservations, it's beneficial to choose a platform that enhances your dining experience and empowers your business to grow.

Whether it's access to marketing tools, customisable online ordering or fostering loyalty; a restaurant reservation system should save time for your staff members and work for your unique brand. Embracing these tools can be the key to a profitable business and satisfying dining journey.

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