Super summer or total bummer? Hot tips to keep your spot sizzling!

Super summer or total bummer? Hot tips to keep your spot sizzling!

Discover the top tips and trends from our latest survey on summer for hospitality venues. Prepare your business for busier and longer days with ResDiary.

The great British summer is usually one of two things – scorching or sodden. But here’s how you can make it one to remember for all the right reasons

Summer isn't just about sunshine and beach days. For the hospitality industry, it's a crucial period with immense revenue potential often overshadowed by the holiday season. 

Despite the challenges of today's trading environment, making the most of summer opportunities can significantly impact your bottom line. With the trading period being longer compared to the traditionally frantic festive period, summer presents a golden opportunity to boost profits and elevate customer experiences. 

But how can you ensure your venue stands out and thrives during this vibrant season?

We've got you covered with expert advice gleaned from our summer season survey. Let's dive into the key insights to ensure your establishment stays sizzling throughout the warmer months.

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Summer prep checklist

Crafting Your Summer Strategy: Essential Planning Tips

Everyone knows that failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and restaurant owners know that planning ahead is a crucial step for having a super summer. That’s one of the key takeaways from the survey we conducted with operators and customers to help you plan for what will hopefully be a long hot summer that serves up success.

According to the survey, 77% of venue operators make specific plans for the all-important summer season, with 40% of those that do working on those plans between three and six months in advance. 

Are your summer plans in place yet? If not, don’t panic – planning doesn’t have to be a scary subject…and ResDiary can help!

Being prepared for summer can be as simple as making sure your booking system is up to date in terms of table segments, outside space, and of course ensuring you’re primed to attract those summer diners. Also, ensuring you have enough staff to make sure your team isn't overwhelmed when it’s busy or deciding on your summer operating hours.

And best of all, you can find information to help with those plans by simply looking back at previous years’ spend data from your EPOS (Electric Point of Sale) and restaurant booking system to identify peak times, average group sizes, popular items, and more. We've got some great advice on getting the most our of your customer data in this article.

Don't have a booking system yet? Learn how ResDiary is helping thousands of venues take control of their table bookings and grow.


Summer prep for busy days and nights

Leveraging Summer Trends: Maximising Walk-In Traffic

The results of our survey found 84% of venue owners and operators are seating more walk-ins during summer than at any other time during the year. On top of that, 43% agree that summer is their absolute busiest time of the year.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can sit back, relax and watch your profits increase. It's imperative to attract diners with compelling features and it’s up to you to make sure they know about it.

While it won’t be a surprise 71%  of diners prefer to eat outdoors in the warmer months, do they know they can do so at your venue? Maximise the potential of your outdoor space by promoting al fresco dining experiences, and hosting summer-themed events to create a buzz-worthy atmosphere.

If you don’t have patio space, consider what else you can do to create that extra space. Could part of the car park be reworked, or is there another area that could be transformed? Wherever it is, with our research showing that those repurposing space added on average 45% more, it is certainly worth considering!

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Summer food and drinks promotions

Creating Irresistible Promotions: Strategies for Drawing in Customers

Did you roll out any special promotions last year? Consider revisiting and revamping those strategies from previous years to tap into diner preferences, and capitalise on evolving consumer trends. 

With nearly two-thirds of diners eagerly anticipating special offers and promotions, and over half (52%) excited about updated menus, businesses have a prime opportunity to captivate customers and drive foot traffic. Embrace menu innovation by incorporating fun, lighter, and locally sourced ingredients to add a fresh twist to offerings.

The benefits of crafting irresistible promotions extend beyond immediate revenue gains. You can enhance overall customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage.

We've got loads more advice on spicing up your summer menu right here.


Summer seating table plan with ResDiary

Navigating Summer Rush: Strategies for Smooth Operations

As temperatures soar, so does the demand for seamless operations. Whether you're grappling with a surge of customers or with sluggish business, ResDiary's Table Management suite is your ally in maintaining operational efficiency. It can help you fully utilise your space and maximise your bookings, all with less stress and administration from your team. No wonder it's trusted by over 10,000 venues worldwide! You can see ResDiary in action today, just click here to book a demo.

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