Updated Mobile Experience with ResDiary Plus for iPhone

Updated Mobile Experience with ResDiary Plus for iPhone

ResDiary customers can now access restaurant bookings, see information about upcoming reservations, seat diners, and make any required changes on the move!

ResDiary Plus for iPhone  is a new mobile application of the full ResDiary restaurant booking system. It’s been designed to make managing your bookings easier without you needing to use a computer or laptop. That’s why we’ve packed the essential features you need in the build-up to and during a busy service, giving you full control in the palm of your hand. 


Here’s a quick overview of what you can do with the latest updated version of ResDiary Plus



Mockup of ResDiary Plus Mobile App Booking List

The Booking List 

When you log in to the ResDiary Plus booking app, you’ll see the first of three tabs, the Booking List.  

By default, the Booking List tab shows all your table bookings for the current day. Here you can tap the clock icon to show options for different services, use the arrows to switch to different days, and of course, use the ‘+’ button to manually add a booking. 

You will have all the information you need about each booking within the Booking List. This includes the; 

  • Customer’s name 
  • Time of booking 
  • Number of covers 
  • Any attached promotions 
  • Any notes that were added to the booking 
  • Their assigned table(s) 

Tapping on the booking will bring up all the information about the reservation, with some extra details including; 

  • Contact details 
  • Booking reference number 
  • Booking channel 
  • Their status (whether they’ve been seated or not) 

The square table on the right indicates the customer’s table(s), which can be altered manually if you tap on it. This is also how you will seat the booking when they arrive in your venue.


Mockup of ResDiary Plus Mobile App Overview

The Overview Tab 

The Overview tab gives useful at-a-glance information about your services. This includes the total number of covers, which is then split into each service below. 

When you tap on a service, you’ll see a breakdown of where the bookings are in each the sections you’ve created in your ResDiary table plan. 

Again, you can skip to different days using the arrows along the top or by tapping the date to select a specific date.  

The Account Tab 

You can also access this data for other venues if you’re operating as part of a group or chain of restaurants or bars, using the Account tab. Simply click on the venue name at the bottom of the screen and select the venue you’d like to switch to. 

Manage close-outs within the iPhone app

You can close an individual area during a specific service, an entire area for the full day, a single service across all areas or the entire venue for the full day, all from your smartphone on the mobile app. You can also tap again to remove the close-outs you have added.

  1. First, swipe down the top right corner to access the control centre and make sure ‘portrait orientation lock’ is off.
  2. Swipe out of the control centre and turn your phone into a landscape position and the close out tools will open.
  3. Here you can select to close an individual area during a specific service, an entire area for the full day, a single service across all areas or the entire venue for the full day. You can tap again to remove the close-outs you have added.
  4. Tap the grid icon to view all closeouts currently in place within the diary. Here you can see the name of the close-out, when it was created, which user added the close-out, the type of close out and a bin icon to delete that close-out for the current day.
  5. You can tap the stopwatch to bring back the close out tools and turn the phone to return to the booking list. To add close-outs to a specific date simple select the date from the calendar and turn the phone to open the close-out tools.

How to get access to ResDiary Plus for iPhone 

Before you get started, you’ll need to download and install the ResDiary Plus app on your chosen ios device(s).  

It’s also worth noting that only ResDiary users with manager access will be able to log into the mobile app, which you can do by following the simple steps below: 

  1. You can change user permissions from the diary by clicking ‘Settings’ 
  2. Then, in ‘Security and User Permissions’ click ‘User Management’ and ‘User’ 
  3. Click ‘Setup’ to open the user settings and make sure ‘Read only user access’ isn’t checked 
  4. Then open the app and login using your ResDiary username and password.