Moving from Eveve to ResDiary

Moving from Eveve to ResDiary

The Customer:

Karen Britton. Group Operations Manager for the Zaza Group.

Karen also rolled ResDiary out over the Prime Steak & Grill arm of the company.

The Venue:

Zaza are a group of Italian restaurants, focused on high quality fresh Italian food. They have seven venues across the South of England and are focused on sourcing and making most of their ingredients in-house. Their sister restaurants, Prime Steak & Grill have two venues in Chandler’s Cross and St Albans and are famous for serving only the best cuts of British beef in opulent surroundings.

The Issue

Zaza had been using Eveve for a number of years and found that it was lacking some important functionality. Prime were happy with OpenTable’s functionality but were paying a lot in commission. Zaza and Prime wanted one system that was both cost and user-friendly.

“Eveve was quite basic. We really needed to be able to take notes on customers and store them for future use but we couldn’t actually access a lot of our information. As we are growing as a group, we needed better reporting and it just wasn’t there with Eveve.”

Eveve v ResDiary

In their fast-paced environment, Eveve was also not keeping up with their business levels.

“We found Eveve quite clunky, the overall layout wasn’t easy to use and we struggled with it in service.”

The Solution

Karen was tasked with looking at various systems and making a decision on which one to go with.

“We looked at OpenTable and some other systems but dismissed it out of hand due to the cost implications.

We visited other venues that used ResDiary and we really just liked the look of the ResDiary system.

Comparing Eveve v ResDiary, ResDiary was just much more slick and modern than the system we had used already.”

Sign up to ResDiary (Day 1)
Fill in a diary build form: this allows our team to configure a diary based on your exact specifications. (Day 2-4)
Arrange a set up and training session. Here our specialised team ensured Karen and her staff had everything set up perfectly and knew how to make changes for future business developments. (Day 5-7)
Restaurant receives ResDiary log in and online booking details and is introduced to the sales team. (Day 5-7)
Input any future bookings (5-7)
Advanced training session to ensure staff and management know how the system works (day 7-14)
Additional support around “go live” day (Day 7-14)

Karen and the team set up seven different venues on ResDiary, doing each one separately to ensure a smooth change-over.

“We were a bit nervous about moving away from the Eveve and OpenTable systems we had been using for so long so we just rolled it out to two sites at the beginning. It soon became clear that ResDiary was a great move and we rolled it across all of the sites.”

The Results

Karen and the team are now settled in with the ResDiary system across the group.

“We noticed operational benefits straight away. A lot of that was the yield management feature which is so much more advanced than Eveve. All we could do before was set up a covers limit across the board. With ResDiary we can really drill down into each 15 minute timeslot.”

With Resdiary group central reservation facility, the teams can cross-sell over multiple diaries, pull off segmented or group marketing lists and authorised staff can view multiple diaries from one log-in.

“I particularly like the back-office. There’s so much information that I was a little daunted at first but now I love the reports I can pull off and it’s just really useful for the business day to day.

Since we started using ResDiary, we’ve just gotten on really well with the software. So much so that when we set up our new site, I just trained the staff myself as we found it so easy to use.”

“The layout is great and all our staff just find it so easy to use.”