216 Best Restaurant Captions for Instagram | ResDiary

216 Best Restaurant Captions for Instagram | ResDiary

Social media is an increasingly vital marketing channel for restaurants. These popular apps offer the chance to market your venue without spending a cent, making them perfect for restaurants with limited marketing budgets.

Of the various platforms to choose from, Instagram is one of the best. It boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, 90% of which follow business accounts just like yours.

The key to grabbing attention on Instagram is a great caption. That's why we've assembled 216 of the very best restaurant captions you can use on Instagram.

Take advantage of these selections to boost engagement and see better returns on your social media efforts.

What Makes a Good Restaurant Caption for Instagram?

Before diving into our list, let's analyse the qualities of a great Instagram caption for restaurants. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking the perfect one for your venue:

  • Make it personable: Social media content needs to be fun and engaging. It's an opportunity to show a fun-loving side to your brand. Ditch the formal language and meet the customer where they are at.
  • Emojis: Emojis add visual interest and a sense of fun to your posts. However, they are best used sparingly. Resist the temptation to overload your caption with your favourite food emoji.
  • Aim for engagement: Engagement is an essential component of social media success. The number of likes and comments your post receives affects how it performs in the social media algorithm. One way to maximise engagement is to encourage customers to leave a comment in relation to the post. For example; "Comment below your favourite breakfast smoothie."

Top 216 Restaurant Captions for Instagram

We have compiled 216 Instagram captions for restaurants in a range of categories. Whether you're a hole-in-the-wall cafe or a fine dining restaurant, the perfect accompaniment to your Instagram post is right here.

Food Captions for Instagram

General Food Captions

  1. Good mood food 😊
  2. Feast your eyes (and your stomach) on this! 🤤
  3. From our kitchen to your heart 💖👨‍🍳
  4. Simply irresistible! 😋
  5. Bringing gourmet to your everyday 🌟🍴
  6. Bite into happiness 😊
  7. Love at first bite 💘
  8. Bringing the world to your plate 🌐🍛
  9. For the love of good food ❤️🍲

Coffee Captions

  1. Espresso yourself! ☕💬
  2. Life's too short for bad coffee 🌟☕
  3. Coffee: because adulting is hard ☕😓
  4. Start your day the right way: with coffee ☀️☕
  5. A day without coffee is like... just kidding, I have no idea ☕😂
  6. Caffeine and kindness ☕❤️
  7. Wake up and smell the coffee ☕👃
  8. Latte love for our customers 💕☕
  9. Instant human, just add coffee ☕🚀
  10. Coffee: because it's too early for wine ☕🍷
  11. Latte art, heart start ☕❤️

Breakfast Captions

  1. Rise and shine, it's breakfast time! 🌅🍳
  2. But first, breakfast 🥞☝️
  3. Breakfast: the most important meal of the day 🌟🥐
  4. Morning deliciousness loading... 🔄🍳
  5. First we eat breakfast, then we do things 🥓👊
  6. A toast to a new day 🍞🥂
  7. Dawn delights and morning bites 🌄🥯
  8. Breakfast: because bed is boring 🛏️🥞
  9. Breakfast: the only reason to get out of bed 🛌🍽️

Pizza Captions

  1. Slice, slice, baby 🍕😎
  2. Keep calm and order pizza 🍕🕊️
  3. A pizza a day keeps the sadness away 🍕😊"
  4. Cheesy does it! 🧀🍕
  5. Pizza: the ultimate circle of life 🍕🌍
  6. There's no 'we' in pizza 🍕🚫
  7. Pizza is always a good idea 🍕👍
  8. Cutting carbs, one slice at a time 🍕✂️
  9. In crust we trust 🍕🙏
  10. We knead this pizza 🍕🙏

Pasta Captions

  1. Pasta la vista! 🍝😎
  2. Pasta: the solution to all problems 🍝🔑
  3. On cloud wine... and pasta 🍷🍝
  4. Pasta: where carbs and art collide 🍝🎨
  5. Feasting on fettuccine 🍝🍴
  6. Penne for your thoughts? 🍝💭
  7. Carb-loading like a champ 🍝🏆
  8. Pasta and sauce, a love story 🍝❤️

Burger Captions

  1. Burgers: because one cannot live on fries alone 🍔🍟
  2. Un-bun-lievable flavours in every bite 🍔🌟
  3. Burgers so good, they're almost illegal 🍔🚓

Seafood Captions

  1. Seafood and eat it 🐟🍴
  2. Catch of the day, every day 🎣🍤
  3. Reel in the flavour 🎣👅
  4. From the ocean to your plate 🌊🍽️
  5. Shrimply the best 🦐👌
  6. Fishing for compliments with every dish 🐟😉
  7. Where every dish is a sea-nsation 🌊🍛
  8. O-fish-ally the best seafood in town 🐟🏆
  9. Swimming in a sea of flavours 🌊🐟
  10. Get hooked on our seafood 🎣🦀
  11. Taste the ocean in every bite 🌊🍤
  12. Our restaurant dinner is a shore thing for seafood lovers 🌊🐟
  13. Succulent seafood, ocean views 🦐🌊
  14. Bite into the bounty of the sea 🌊

Steak Captions

  1. Steak your claim to flavour 🥩🚩
  2. A cut above the rest 🥩🔝
  3. Sizzling hot, steak shot 🥩📸
  4. Raising the steaks in fine dining 🥩🌟
  5. Every bite is a steak-cation 🥩🏝️
  6. Meat your match 🥩❤️
  7. Charred to perfection, served with affection 🥩❤️"
  8. Steak it till you make it 🥩💪
  9. Chase the steak, catch the flavour 🥩🏃‍♂️

Vegetarian / Vegan Food Captions

  1. Plant-based and proud 🌱💪
  2. Vegan vibes only 🌿✌️
  3. Eat green, feel serene 🍃🧘‍♂️
  4. Fueling up on plants 🌱⛽
  5. Eating clean and green 🍏🌱
  6. Vegan: because compassion tastes the best 🌱❤️
  7. Cruelty-free and delicious 🌱
  8. Fresh, vibrant, and vegan 🥕🌟
  9. A feast for vegans... and everyone else 🌿🍽️
  10. Where plants are the main stars 🌱🌟
  11. Vegan food, full heart 🌱❤️
  12. Eating well, living better 🌱🌍
  13. Going green never tasted so good 🌱😋

Salad Captions

  1. Eating colours with our salad bowls 🥗🌈
  2. Keep calm and crunch on 🥗🕊️
  3. Salad days every day!🥗☀️
  4. From garden to plate, simply great 🌱🍽️
  5. Making salads cool again 🥗😎
  6. Tasty, tangy, totally tempting salads 🥗👅
  7. Unbe-leaf-able salads! 🍃😲
  8. The art of eating well, one salad at a time 🎨🥗
  9. Tossing up goodness in a bowl 🥗👍

Noodles Captions

  1. Slurp up the good vibes 🍜😊
  2. Noodles: a twirl of happiness 🍝💫
  3. Sending you oodles of noodles 🍜❤️
  4. Saucy, slippery, simply divine 🍝😋
  5. Wok this way for amazing noodles 🥘🚶‍♂️
  6. Twist, turn, taste: the noodle way 🍝🌀

Wine Captions

  1. Wine a little, laugh a lot 🍷😄
  2. Pour decisions make great stories 🍷📚
  3. Wine and friends are the perfect blend! 🍷👫
  4. Grapeful for our favourite wines 🍇🍷
  5. Wine, dine, and feel divine 🍷🍽️
  6. Living the wine life 🍷🌿
  7. Living a full-bodied life 🍷🌟
  8. Grapeness in a glass 🍇🍷
  9. Come this way for wine dining 🍷🍽️

Cocktail Captions

  1. Sip back and relax 🍹😌
  2. Life's a cocktail, enjoy the mix 🍸🌈
  3. Shaken, not stirred 🍸🔀
  4. Cocktail o'clock 🍹⏰
  5. Stirring up some fun 🥄🍸
  6. Cocktail therapy in session 🍹🛋️
  7. Let's get fizz-ical with our cocktails 🥂💃
  8. Crafted for sipping slowly 🍹🐢
  9. Cocktails: Because no great story started with a salad 🥗🍸
  10. Concocting your perfect evening 🍹🌆
  11. Mix, muddle, marvel 🍹🤩

Funny Restaurant Captions

  1. Calories don’t count on the weekends, right? 🍔
  2. Eat like no one is going to see you in a swimsuit 👙🍕
  3. My head says gym, but my heart says tacos 🌮❤️
  4. Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first 🍰👌
  5. Sorry for what I said before I had my coffee ☕😬
  6. Brunch: The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking 🥂🌞
  7. Exercise? I thought you said extra fries 🍟🤔
  8. When life gives you lemons, slice them and find tequila 🍋🥃

Captions for Staff Photos

  1. Meet the superstars behind your favourite meals 🌟🍽️
  2. Our kitchen heroes in action 👨‍🍳👩‍🍳
  3. Flavours brought to you by these smiling faces 😊🍜
  4. In the kitchen, we trust 🍳🙏
  5. Our recipe for success: great food, great people 🍜👫
  6. The magic makers of our restaurant 🎩🍴

Captions for Customer Photos

  1. Caught in the act of enjoying great food 📸🍽️"
  2. Creating delicious memories with us 🍲📷
  3. Dining out, smiling big 😃🍽️
  4. Where every meal is a photo op 📸🍜
  5. Love at first bite, captured 📸💘
  6. The faces of foodie bliss 🍲🤤
  7. Our favourite kind of guest: Hungry! 😋🍽️
  8. Food, friends, and photo-worthy moments 📸🍖
  9. Where every dish deserves a photoshoot 🍛📸
  10. When your meal is as Insta-worthy as you are 🍲🤳

Captions for Restaurant Setting

  1. Unforgettable flavours, unmatched ambience 🍃🍲
  2. Every corner tells a story 🌟🍽️
  3. A perfect slice of paradise🌴
  4. Dining with a view 🌇🍴
  5. Sophistication on every plate and in every corner 🍴🌺
  6. Dine under the stars with us tonight 🌌🍴
  7. Fine dining in a picture-perfect setting 🍴🌄
  8. The only thing better than the view? The food!🌄🍝

Special Event Captions

Valentine's Day Captions

  1. Love is in the air... and on your plate 💖🍽️
  2. Valentine's Day done right at our table 🌹🍽️
  3. Starry nights, romantic bites 🌌🍝
  4. Savour the sweetness of Valentine's Day 🍽️🍬
  5. Dinner, dessert, and a dash of love 💕🍽️
  6. Wine, dine, and be my Valentine 🍷❤️
  7. For the love of great food 🍽️❤️
  8. Because the way to the heart is through the stomach 🍽️❤️
  9. Our love language: Gourmet meals 🍽️💕
  10. Your table for two awaits this Valentine's Day 🍽️🌹

Mother's Day Captions

  1. Celebrate the queen of the family at our table 👑🍽️
  2. Where every mum is a guest of honour 🌟🍽️
  3. A feast fit for the world's best mums 🍽️🏆
  4. Mum's day off, fine dining style 🍽️✨
  5. Because Mum deserves more than just breakfast in bed 🍽️🛏️
  6. Cheers to the woman who does it all! 🥂🍽️
  7. Serving love and appreciation this Mother's Day 🍽️❤️
  8. A meal worth a million 'thank yous'! 🍽️❤️
  9. To the world's greatest chef, Mom 🌍🍽️
  10. Today's special: Mum's happiness 🍽️😊
  11. A toast to the woman who means the world 🥂🌍

Father's Day Captions

  1. Celebrating the man of the hour: Dad 🍽️👨‍👧‍👦
  2. Cheers to the world's greatest BBQ master: Dad 🍺🍖
  3. Dining out with the hero of the house 🍽️🦸‍♂️
  4. Father's Day done right at our table 🍽️🥇
  5. Serving up Dad's favourites 🍽️😋
  6. Where dads are treated like the heroes they are 🍽️🦸‍♂️
  7. Honouring our favourite dads with delectable dining 🍽️👏
  8. Dad’s turn to be pampered at our table 🍽️💆‍♂️
  9. Our menu is Dad-approved this Father's Day 🍽️👍
  10. A Father's Day flavour fest for your favourite forebear! 🍽️🎉
  11. Father’s Day: Serving up dad-sized portions 🍽️🥄

Christmas Captions

  1. Christmas cheer served here 🎅🥂
  2. Santa-approved dining 🎅🍽️
  3. A magical meal for a magical season 🌟🍽️
  4. Christmas-y bites and holiday delights 🎄🍴
  5. Gourmet gifts for your taste buds 🍽️🎁
  6. Unwrap a feast this Christmas 🍽️🎁

Call-to-Action Captions

  1. Book your table today and taste the magic 🍽️✨
  2. Reserve your spot for an unforgettable dining experience 📅🍴
  3. Hungry? We've got you covered! Come on in 🚪🍽️
  4. Swipe ➡️ to see our specials and reserve your table now 🍽️📲
  5. Satisfy your cravings. Book your table now 🍽️🤤
  6. "Experience the joy of fine dining. Make your reservation 🍽️😄
  7. Come in for a meal, leave with memories. Reserve your table 🍽️💖
  8. Dive into deliciousness. Reserve your table now 🍽️🌊
  9. Join us for a delicious meal that turns an ordinary evening into an extraordinary experience! 🍽️✨

Engagement-Catching Restaurant Captions

  1. Double tap if you're craving this! 🍽️❤️
  2. Hit 'like' if you want a bite! 🍔👍
  3. Can you guess the secret ingredient? Comment your thoughts! 🤔💭
  4. Which item on our new menu can you not wait to try? Tell us below! 🍽️💬
  5. Behold our new menu! Tag your dining buddy in the comments! 🍽️👥
  6. Feeling nostalgic today. What's your favourite memory at our restaurant? Share below! 💭💬
  7. What would you order right now? Tell us in the comments! 🍽️💬

Grand Opening Captions

  1. The big reveal is here! Come experience our grand opening 🎉🍽️
  2. Our doors are officially open! Join us for a culinary adventure 🚪🍴
  3. The wait is over! Join us for our grand opening 🎈🍽️
  4. We're cooking up something special – come see for yourself! 🍳👀
  5. "A new culinary journey begins today – be a part of it 🚀🍴
  6. Be the first to experience our unique dining – grand opening now! 🚪🍴
  7. A new flavour in town – experience it at our grand opening 🍽️🌆
  8. Today we turn our dreams into dishes – grand opening! 🍽️💭
  9. Discover a world where life, food, and passion blend beautifully on your plate. Our grand opening is today 🍽️✨

Restaurant Hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags play an important role on Instagram. They are used to categorise content and can be used to jump on trends and increase audience engagement.

You can include up to 30 Instagram hashtags in a given post. The best practice is generally considered to use 3-5 in a post, as recommended by Instagram itself.

Users can search for hashtags to help them find related content, which can increase the visibility of your post. Instagram also uses hashtags as a component of its algorithm and will use your hashtags to decide when to display your post to users.

The 10 most popular hashtags relating to food in 2023 were:

  • #food
  • #foodporn
  • #instagood
  • #foodie
  • #love
  • #instafood
  • #foodphotography
  • #photooftheday
  • #yummy
  • #foodstagram

Incorporate these hashtags into your posts to boost your visibility on your platform.

Level up Your Restaurant Promotion With Resdiary

Social media can be a highly effective way to market your business, allowing you to create content that resonates with your audience on their favourite platforms. It is most effective when combined with other promotional strategies.

That's where ResDiary can help, as it is much more than just a restaurant reservation system. It includes extensive event management functionality, enabling you to take large bookings, forecast expected spend and more. This helps to ensure your Christmas event goes off without a hitch.

You can also use ResDiary to help with email and SMS marketing. You can even integrate ResDiary into your Instagram and Facebook pages and connect it to Dish Cult for a seamless booking process (UK customers only).

Download our Social Media Guide For Hospitality and find out all the ways it can improve your restaurant promotion.