Data-Driven Dining: Improve Experiences and Boost Revenue

Data-Driven Dining: Improve Experiences and Boost Revenue

When a customer makes a booking for dinner, you confirm their reservation with the details they give you. You could do nothing with this data, or you could use it to make smart decisions which will not just result in a better experience for your customer, but a better business for you. 

How can customer data be used in this way? We spoke to Jennifer Tilly, Head of Operations for ResDiary, who outlined three reasons why owning and understanding customer data is key to improving your hospitality offering and, ultimately, your bottom line.  

Restaurant data as an asset

You need to think about data as an asset that can lead directly to profit. It’s true that diners initially give you their details to confirm bookings, but they remain subscribed to your mailing list because they like what you do - and want to hear more from you. With the right engagement campaign from you, this data can deliver repeat bookings (and profit) to your business.


Owning your restaurant data

A customer has made the decision to dine at your venue, and you worked hard to get them through the door. Your team makes sure the venue is spotless, welcomes your guests, cooks them incredible meals, crafts drinks and does everything possible to make sure your diners are happy. Before the customers  even arrive, you've spent money on marketing your brand, on creating a beautiful atmosphere and selecting the right ingredients and menus. This effort and expense on your side shouldn't go to building a database of customers for someone else to market to. You've worked for that data. Make sure you own it.


Using restaurant data to inform your business decisions

The end product of your hard work is of course a happy customer and a bill paid - however the other product created is data. Which promotion or menu did they book? What channel did they book through? What device did they book from? All of these points of data, while almost insignificant when isolated, build a picture of your consumer base. Patterns that you can identify and capitalise on. Your data can predict behaviours, it can show you what's working (and what's not) and it can be a vital tool in keeping your business fresh and successful.


As with any business asset, you need to have control. ResDiary offers just that - the ability to collect, analyse and protect your data. It can also help you discover how to put it to the best possible use. Crucially, the ownership of this important asset is yours. Data collected by other third party processors may be inaccessible to you, and without your control, could be stale or unreliable. ResDiary is a vehicle for engagement and communication between you and your customers, but will never market to your customers directly.

As ResDiary, booking data ownership goes to you. Having this edge could mean better repeat business from regulars. Find out more at your own personalise demo with our team:

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