Restaurant Management Technology For Hospitality Venues

Restaurant Management Technology For Hospitality Venues

Technology systems are critical to the success of any restaurant or other hospitality venue. These systems can assist with OHS, communication, logistics, restaurant bookings, reports, and more. Below are four  few technology systems that your restaurant should consider.

Point of Sale technology

 Following the impact of COVID-19, a trend of non-cash payments has accelerated, so without Point of Sale (POS) technologies, venues may be unable to process credit card transactions, which are favoured by most customers. 

The primary purpose of a POS system might be facilitating contactless transactions and payments, but POS systems can do so much more.

 QR Codes

 QR Codes can serve a range of purposes, and are becoming an increasingly relevant part of the architecture for hospitality venues. They have come to prominence over the last few years as a contract tracing device that enables patrons to check in their location.

QR codes can also link to a venue’s digital menus – which also has the capacity to connect customers to contactless ordering and payment at the table.

QR Codes can also be used for promotional campaigns – with social media accounts, discounts and other marketing strategies linked to codes and scanned by potential customers. 

 Online Restaurant Booking System

 Online booking systems like ResDiary can help to ease table management pressures. With the right technology, staff are not required to do the maths on how many tables are filled, how many are vacant, and how to squeeze in bookings in line with the venue capacity.

ResDiary automatically allocates online bookings, and allows staff to organise them. ResDiary provides an alternative to in-person bookings, which can help to alleviate some responsibilities for staff. It also offers a range of other features, including: customisable website booking widgets, pre-orders, pre-payments, deposits to prevent no-shows, data reports and more.

 Voice Search and Control

Voice Search and Control is an emerging technological trend within the hospitality industry. Artificial intelligence is used to recognise speech patterns, and specific requests can be addressed based on voice commands.

A relevant example is ResDiary’s ResPhone, which automatically integrates phone bookings into the diary. This function ensures that phone bookings aren’t missed, and that staff don’t have to be tied to the line to take bookings. The capabilities for Voice Search & Control are far-reaching, as it can be connected to a variety of different appliances in the venue. 

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 Disclaimer: This guide is general in nature and does not take into account your individual circumstances. Before acting on any information, you should consider whether this is right for your business.