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Choosing an online reservation system can be pretty overwhelming. To help you in your research, we've broken down the most important features and functionalities and the key differences between ResDiary and alternative providers, OpenTable, Now Book It, SevenRooms, and Eveve.

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ResDiary's Key Features


0% Commission

No commission for bookings from your website, social media, Google, and Dish Cult.

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Reduce No-shows

Maximise reservations and reduce no-shows at peak times.


Over 60 Integrations

ResDiary integrates with a range of tools to help grow your business.

ResDiary Overview

ResDiary is a zero-commission, flat-fee, online reservation system, helping more than 9,000 hospitality operators maximise their bookings and run a smooth service.

ResDiary venues can amplify their online presence and attract more dedicated diners, while paying ZERO commission on bookings. But that’s not all, as venues are also backed-up by our market-leading table management software that helps to reduce no-shows and drive more value from every service.

ResDiary also gives you the power to utilise features for streamlining your waitlist, payments, deposits, vouchers, pre-orders, events, and CRM.

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Alternative Providers

ResDiary may be the zero-commission booking system provider and one of the longest serving hospitality venues. But there are alternative options for anyone who is in need of the right features to manage bookings more efficiently.

That's why we've compiled a simple checklist to make it easier for you to compare your options and choose the reservation that best serves your business.

What is important to restaurant
management teams?

The right platform can help you manage your restaurant tables, attract more customers, and increase your profits.

Attract Online Bookings

Amplify your online presence and attract more dedicated diners with ResDiary and its discovery platform, Dish Cult 

Whether it’s connecting with new potential diners or driving return visits, ResDiary’s tools can help you take online bookings 24/7, with zero commission fees. You can even take commission-free bookings as well, directly from Google Search or Maps.

Streamline Every Service

Improve your customer experience while driving efficiency.

Set yourself up for success with the all-in-one restaurant booking and table management system. ResDiary nurtures flow and reduces friction with a host of smart rules, tools and automations to help you manage bookings and run every service more efficiently.


Create Repeat Customers

Turn first-time diners into valuable loyal regulars with personalised experiences and promotions. 

Do more with your booking data to learn about your customers and create enticing offers that will have them coming back time and time again. 

Bring Essential Systems Together

ResDiary has over 60 software integrations, working with technologies and businesses not only to help you drive meaningful guest experiences but also to help run your venue more efficiently. Some key integrations include Stripe, Google, Oracle Hospitality, Bepoz, Acteol, and more.

View a full list of ResDiary's integrations here.


Pay 0% Commission Fees

ResDiary offers users a no-commission model, allowing restaurants and hospitality venues to take unlimited online bookings without paying any commission fees.

Review our current packages on our pricing page.

Made by Hospitality Experts for Hospitality Businesses

We’re here to help you grow your business, whatever its size or shape. ResDiary is utilised by more than 9,000 restaurants, bars & pubs, hotels, and event spaces.

Disclaimer: Please note that all information provided is accurate at the time of publishing. We do not hold any responsibility for any changes that may occur. It is recommended to verify the information before taking making your decision.

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