Find out the ingredients for festive season success

Why are some businesses busier and more successful than others during the festive season? Find out in this report!

Beyond the Booking - Festive Season Report - 2023 - ResDiary

The true story on festive season success

While 8 in 10 restaurants agree that the festive season is a busier time compared to a normal trading period, a similar proportion (79%) state they still want to be busier, reinforcing their belief in the period’s potential for high revenue generation.

Does that sound like you? If so, then read on and get the full report on achieving more festive season success.

In this report, we'll cover:

  • Festive season in numbers
  • How preparing early can help you reap the rewards later
  • Customer spending... tis the season!
  • Why deposits can be vital to securing your revenue
  • Essential advice to thrive during the festive season
  • Curing those January blues once the 'busy period' is over

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82% of venues who prepare before August take  significantly more revenue during the festive season

The festive season in numbers

Before you dive into the full report, here's a preview of some of the most vital statistics you'll find inside

80% of restaurants agree that the festive season is a busier time of year than normal

79% of restaurant operators wish they were busier during this time

82% of venues planning before August take significantly more during the festive period

87% of restaurants currently use a restaurant booking system

46% of restaurant operators agree that table planning becomes more challenging at this time

75% of restaurants require deposits during the festive season to avoid costly no-shows

24% of restaurants are fully booked before September

34% of restaurant operators admitted they are never fully booked for the festive season

Ready to unwrap all the data and advice on the most important issues? We cover them all in this report!